chenman_photography_002A heavily manipulated image which projects an exaggerated sense of reality represents the distinctive signature style of Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man.

Since shooting her first cover for Chinese avant-garde style magazine, Vision, Man’s work has gained increasing recognition, culminating in a collaboration with Mac cosmetics.

In her first UK solo exhibition, Man’s photography collates modern Chinese city landscapes with ancient architecture which provide a backdrop to explore the assorted themes of science fiction, consumerism and popular culture.

The natural beauty and poise of her models, permeates her art despite the complex and myriad layers of post-production employed to control and manipulate the finished product.

Otherworldly eccentric imagery is created, reflecting an obsession with perfection and the fruitlessness in attempting to emulate an impossible beauty aesthetic.

The ascendancy of Chen Man’s star coincides with China’s own as a burgeoning economic powerhouse. In forging her own path, Man’s bold, innovative style has been credited with inspiring a visual revolution.

© 2019 Dawn Daniels